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Watch The Throne/ Go H.A.M

Everyone out there knows that Kanye West and Jay-Z are two of my favourite artists in the rap business. So Kanye said back in November that he was releasing a collaboration EP with this mentor Jay- Z but a few weeks later Kanye stated on MTV that it was going to be turned into an album ūüôā titled, Watch The Throne. This was good news to me and millions of other rap fans. So today Yeezy and Jigga released the first single off of the album called Go H.A.M ¬†(Hard As A Mother fucker).¬†Produced by Lex Luger fans should of ¬†expected hard hitting drums and insane lyrics from ¬†Kanye and Jay. Many were also talking about the cover art which has been lately just as much as dissucion as the actual song. Credit goes to Ricardo Tisci for the “creative Direction” of the first single off the album.

DOWNLOAD: http://hulkshare.com/q6yudmvi65ma


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