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GFK- Supreme Clientele II?

First off I must say that Im extremely disappointed that Apollo Kids did very poorly in sales and even worse in promotion. I believe this is primarily Def Jam’s fault. LA Reid simply doesn’t care about rap music plain and simple. He has great artists and he simply does not promote them and on top of it that makes me even more mad is that majority of times no promotion equals no sales. Many artist from Def Jam are speaking out and want to be heard, more recently Big Sean spoke on the lack of effort from LA Reid. Also Nas is thinking about leaving Def Jam because they wont put out his Lost Tapes 2 album. Does that make any sense? Nas is arguably one of the best rappers and the record label wont put his work out? SMH. Sorry for rambling on but Ghostface Killah hit the internet with a new video promoting Apollo Kids and surprising many people with a sequel to one of the greatest rap albums of all time. Supreme Clientele. Excited is an understatement for my emotions about this new album knowing GFK he will most┬ádefinitelykill it. However, a few questions arise, if Ghost drops this new album will it have the same fate as Apollo Kids? If so will it tarnish the “Supreme” name? Lastly, I think best option would be if GFK leaves Def Jam or just release it under his record label Stark Enterprises.

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