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Who said guys cant be into fashion?

Jordan 13 “Playoff’s”

Im a Jordan head. I always have been. However, I would never be able to afford all my favourite Jordan sneakers. My first Jordan’s? Jordan 1, patent leather. I purchased it in Connecticut one summer I instantly became a huge sneaker fan from then. My favourite Jordan sneaker? Not hard to guess, but the 13’s. There has only been a few different colour ways since its original release in 1997. This Febuary Jordan will be re-releasing the playoff editions made famous by Jordan in 1998 against the Pacers in the Conference Finals and the 1998 All Star game (pictured above). Apparently theses are dropping on the 26th and is going to go for about 160$. Bottom line, I dont care how much it costs Im going to treat myself. Stay tuned for my review and more pictures. Enjoy 🙂


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Thank you GQ for a wonderful year!

GQ Magazine Covers of 2010

So many of you guys know Im into my fashion. Here is just a cool concept that I thought of to showcase the covers of GQ Magazine for the year of 2010. Below is a list of people who graced the covers. I also have a picture of the covers of 2009 in the same fashion, however, Ill need to include that in a throwback feature. Im not trying to sell the magazine but I love my subscription I always get anxious when ever I know it is the second week in the month and I rush to the mailbox. Surely, the best 20$ investment I could make towards my leisure. I cant wait to see who makes the cut in 2011 but I hope to see Kobe on another one or at least featured in a few articles. I also wouldn’t mind a Clint Eastwood cover,similar to the Man of the year edition in 2009.

12:00- Rihanna (January)

1:00- Johnny Depp (February)

2:00- Kobe Bryant (March)

3:00- Shia Lebouf (April)

4:00- Jake Gyllenhaal (May)

5:00- Miranda Kerr (June)

6:00- Taylor Launtner (July)

7:00- Tracy Morgan (August)

8:00- Lebron James (Septemeber)

9:00- Ryan Rynolds (October)

10:00- Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Argon (Glee Cast) (November)

11:00- James Franco (December)

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