Thank you GQ for a wonderful year!

GQ Magazine Covers of 2010

So many of you guys know Im into my fashion. Here is just a cool concept that I thought of to showcase the covers of GQ Magazine for the year of 2010. Below is a list of people who graced the covers. I also have a picture of the covers of 2009 in the same fashion, however, Ill need to include that in a throwback feature. Im not trying to sell the magazine but I love my subscription I always get anxious when ever I know it is the second week in the month and I rush to the mailbox. Surely, the best 20$ investment I could make towards my leisure. I cant wait to see who makes the cut in 2011 but I hope to see Kobe on another one or at least featured in a few articles. I also wouldn’t mind a Clint Eastwood cover,similar to the Man of the year edition in 2009.

12:00- Rihanna (January)

1:00- Johnny Depp (February)

2:00- Kobe Bryant (March)

3:00- Shia Lebouf (April)

4:00- Jake Gyllenhaal (May)

5:00- Miranda Kerr (June)

6:00- Taylor Launtner (July)

7:00- Tracy Morgan (August)

8:00- Lebron James (Septemeber)

9:00- Ryan Rynolds (October)

10:00- Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Dianna Argon (Glee Cast) (November)

11:00- James Franco (December)


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