Ghostface Killah- Apollo Kids

Ghostface Killah Apollo Kids
I must say I was pretty excited about this album. I was courious to see how Tony would bounce back from his sub par last album ghostdini. Apollo Kids is much different though even by the name you can already know it’s going to be some classic GFK. I must say something that I am pretty disappointed in was the insert to the cd there was not much artwork and the normal credits of all the tracks. Another thing I would of liked to see was more features of Wu Tang Clan. The members are getting old and they need to put out material. I also would of like to see RZA produce a track but the new addition of Frank Dukes on three tracks was also good to see. Some of my favourite tracks include Purified Thoughts, 2Getha Baby, Ghetto and Street Bullies. Actually thinking back majority of the album has great material. GFK never has an album that has bad beats and he has a gift to tell stories in the his lyrics that flow extremely well with the beat. Overall Im pleased with the album and i give it 4.5/5.


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