Its true what they say…

” If you cant take the heat,  get out the kitchen. ”

This shit is not easy, only the strong survive.


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black mass

Incredible acting by none other than Johnny Depp. His portrayal of James “Whitey” Bulger is nothing less that remarkable. I’m as sucker for reenactments of real life occurrences and Whiteys reign over “Southy” ( South Boston) during the mid 80’s was epic to say the lease.

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Congrats D-Rod!

Yesterday I was proud to read that Dennis Rodman was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame along with 11 other historic players. Rodman has long since been one of my favourite players simply because he did his job. He was a role player. He got into peoples head and he didn’t care what people thought about him. The outspoken forward was apart 5 NBA championships, a back to back with the Pistons and then the infamous 2nd 3 peat by the Chicago Bulls in the late 90’s. Needless to say Rodman to me is one of the best rebounders of all time being undersized majority of the time. His relentless pursuit of the basketball was electrifying and was very entertaining to watch. Congrats Dennis Rodman!

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Jordan 13 “Playoff’s”

Im a Jordan head. I always have been. However, I would never be able to afford all my favourite Jordan sneakers. My first Jordan’s? Jordan 1, patent leather. I purchased it in Connecticut one summer I instantly became a huge sneaker fan from then. My favourite Jordan sneaker? Not hard to guess, but the 13’s. There has only been a few different colour ways since its original release in 1997. This Febuary Jordan will be re-releasing the playoff editions made famous by Jordan in 1998 against the Pacers in the Conference Finals and the 1998 All Star game (pictured above). Apparently theses are dropping on the 26th and is going to go for about 160$. Bottom line, I dont care how much it costs Im going to treat myself. Stay tuned for my review and more pictures. Enjoy 🙂

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NBA All Star Weekend :)

With the NBA All Star festivities beginning today a lot of people I know are going to be glued to the TV this weekend. Lets hope that this year the NBA can deliver a show worth me watching it. Personally, I enjoy All Star weekend because its the only time of the year where the players can take a step back and have fun and just enjoy being in the company of other great basketball players and many of their idols growing up as well. This year Los Angeles was the host and what better place to have it but LA. Kinda biased but other than Miami, New York or Texas its the next best venue. The schedule for this weekend is the following.


– Celebrity game

– Rookie vs Sophomore game


– Skills Challenge

-3 pt Contest

-Dunk Contest


– NBA 60th All Star Game

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll be posting more about the festivities and my thoughts 🙂

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Rick Ross- Devil In A New Dress (Official Video)

Still no visuals on Kanye’s verse but at lease we get one from Ross. Shout out to him and his crew for shooting this in Toronto. He was here about a week ago for a show in Brampton… Yeah I know, Brampton. Regardless, I like the video even though he just circled Young and Dundas in his Maybach about 5 times. Hopefully we get to see Kanye’s video soon.

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Creme Caramel

ž170 g- Fine sugar
ž200 ml- Water (to dissolve)
—Combine sugar and water in saucepot.  Bring to a rapid boil and cook until caramel colour.
ž250 ml- milk
ž2- Eggs
ž1- Egg yolk
45 g- Fine sugar
žPinch of salt
ž¼ vanilla bean
—Infuse milk with vanilla bean and  heat to warm.  Allow bean to infuse for 15 minutes
—Combine eggs, yolk, sugar and salt
—Add milk mixture to egg mixture and strain through a sieve
—Pour mixture into ramekins which has caramel
žYield:  3 portions
žBake @ 325F (160C) in water bath

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Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang Track List

I recently posted some new content from my brother Raekwon. Today he released the tracklist for his upcoming album Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang. Dropping March 8th, if this is the final list then I will definitely be buying this the first day it gets released as I usually do. One thing I would like to say about this list. Amazing! I love how the core of Wu-Tang is featured on the album with some special guest such as Nas, Black thought and Busta. I cant wait for this.

1. Shaolin VS Wu-Tang
2. Every Soldier In The Hood ft. METHOD MAN
3. Silver Rings ft. GHOSTFACE,
4. Ferryboat Killaz
5. The Scroll
6. Masters Of Our Fate ft. BLACK THOUGHT
7. Rich And BlackL ft. NAS
8. Butter Knives
9. Crane Style ft. BUSTA RHYMES,
10. Chop Chop Ninja ft. INSPECTAH DECK, ESTELLE
12. Last Train To Scotland ft. LLOYD BANKS
14. Molasses ft. RICK ROSS, GHOSTFACE
15. Dart School
16. Snake Pond
17. Wu Chant (Outro)

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Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang

A few days ago Raekwon released his first single of his new up coming album Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang. The self titled song revisits the old Kung Fu samples that Rza used throughout his career as the producer for Wu-Tang. Overall this track is really good and personally if every track on his album is like this then he will have no problem selling any records but as we have seen with his counter part Ghostface Killah can have a solid album and not even sell. Nevertheless. Raekwon always puts out pretty good content and with his new album dropping in March it will definitely be purchased. Oh, be on the lookout for Supreme Clientele 2. GO SUPPORT REAL ARTIST’S!!! Download available below.

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Last Semester! :)

School Life

2 Days. 🙂

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